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Who we are...

Founded in 2014 by Emma, Chocolates by Eloise create high quality, innovative and interesting chocolate bars, slabs and pralines. Some of our best sellers include sour cherry and fennel, salted caramels and ginger and lemongrass.

We usually sell at farmers markets across South London and various events, as well as being stocked in speciality grocers.

Why the name Eloise?

Successful relationships are at the heart of Chocolates by Eloise, whether that be between different chocolates, flavours, nationalities, influences or most importantly sisterhood. Sisters Emma and Louise bring different skills but share the same passion for chocolate - hence a combination of our names!

Flavour Innovation

Passionate about authentic, quality chocolate making, Emma first discovered her love for Belgian chocolate whilst working for Eurostar in 1995. This combined with her qualification in Food Technology lead to a decade of experimenting with textures and flavours before she decided to finally set up in business.

Now we sell a variety of traditional favourites along with some innovative but very popular flavours, the best selling being our Extra Dark Bar (72%) with Sour Cherries & Fennel. Sound strange but is a flavour combination that excites the senses and challenges our expectations of a chocolate bar.

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